Cumulative Project 3 - JAVA

Why is my MainActivity class doesn’t see variables declared in
I did everything as it was described in incrustion :frowning:

Hello systemblaster87781,

I was able to find the answer to this but I have no explanation for you as I am also new to Java but I thought that is better an answer than no answer at all… I apologize for not giving you the full answer but I am also struggling with this as there is zero information about this and the “hints” are not that helpful…

You are missing a “=” symbol.

// Add isCorrect() here

public boolean isCorrect()  { if (correctAnswer==playerAnswer)

{return true; }

else{return false;}

Check your conditionals. You need 2 equal signs for equivalence in a java conditional e.g: (2 == 2)

I would really appreciate if you could post the answer to this exercise (if you have it) because I am stuck in point 6.


It’s not the policy here to post direct answers (as much as possible), but yes to provide helpful hints :slight_smile:

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