Cumulative Project 3 - I need help with everything

So I’m very new at coding and don’t really understand whats going on. The questions don’t really make any sense and the hints have made me even more confused.
I definitely don’t think like y’all :rofl:

Hi, can you share specifically some points you are feeling dubious about? The more specific the more people here can chime in and help. Taking it apart one step at a time can not only help you with the project, but the knowledge rolls over.

Side joke: You don’t think like me? So that must mean you’re very logical and organized in your thinking :rofl: :rofl:

I would but I literally don’t understand a thing I’m doing man…
I’m a stage hand and audio engineer I’m used to doing things with my hands not my brain. I’m just doing this to kill time :rofl:

Right now I am just going back and trying to figure out what I did wrong (they didn’t say what to name things so I made my own not knowing the main page thing has them but I don’t understand which one is which and how I’m supposed to do the gameOverQuestion() because the main thing has numbers) but I got confused at step 2…I’ve been fine so far but this one doesn’t have a video. I failed every math class I took. I’m just the kid in the corner that licks their hand and eats glue :rofl:


So the way we do it in the forums is we copy and paste the code bits we have trouble with (press </> before pasting so it comes out formatted) and also quote the instructions where there is doubt.

Everyone here is a volunteer but some of these volunteers are very skilled pros and others are very skilled enthusiasts or aspiring professionals.

Good to know! But I don’t even know what I would copy and paste. I seriously don’t understand a single thing they want me to do

You could try pasting the whole code, also relevant are any error messages that pop up when you try to compile them. If it’s way over your head, it’s useful to try some simpler modules to get a stronger sense of the tools and then return to this one. I’ll often start a new topic only to realize I’m missing some necessary fundamental to deal with it – so I’ll put my new topic on pause and beef up whatever was missing.

I gave up and just copy and pasted it all so I can go back to it when I understand more. I did all of the easier things I wanted to learn first for that reason but even those where hard to understand :rofl: Don’t think my fathers plan for me to go into this field instead is a very good idea…I like that I have to think a lot about what I’m doing and use my brain but it’s like I’m reading Chinese with drunk goggles on :upside_down_face:

Try python, it’s a bit friendlier to read and decipher. Java is a really difficult (not impossible) language to start with any other language as background (from my experience, mileage may vary).

In general I’d say programming has a little bit of a steep learning curve in the beginning, but if you stick it out by practicing consistently it starts to “click” after weeks/months.

My first 2 years I learned java and I thought it really wasn’t for me. Came back much later to study with python and it all started making sense, and even now going back to java doesn’t bother me any more.

Audio engineering is also hard… If you can do that I think you definitely have the tools to pick this up.

Indeed! You could also try one of the courses CodeCademy offers such as Learn to Code, which introduces coding concepts without making you learn too much syntax.

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See audio is so easy for me. I have a noise disorder (misophonia its hard to explain) so I had to learn the hardest part first, training your ears, so I could function as a semi normal human. You don’t use your brain you just close your eyes and listen (well don’t close your eyes because you won’t see bad things till after its happened) and just fiddle around till it sounds nice. And dance a little - but never take your hands off the console.

The main reason why I wanted to learn was because at some point I would like to make an app that my old audio/lighting teacher has always wanted :rofl: its just buttons that you push and he screams something at you…the humans in live sound are very very strange people. And we only talk like we hate everyone and yell everything.

I’m sorry about all of my lame jokes. I haven’t been around people in 5 months. I forgot how to human…

Hahaha I’m a musician so a lot of my close friends are audio engineers. One is also a serious jack-of-trades (programmer, audio-engineer, composer at a State Uni).

I think as long as you pace it, you can do the app you’re describing with no problem.

Oh sweet!

It will take a lot of trial and error…thankfully I have at least 6 more months of nothing :rofl: