Cube Matcher help. Stuck and confused on step 13

> `> // Declare a constant, neighborCubes, below
>     const neighborCubes = getNeighbors();
>       // Remove matching cubes from game if there's at least 2 of them
>       if (neighborCubes.length > 0) {
>         // Update score
>         score += neighborCubes.length;
>         scoreText.setText(`Score: ${score}`);
>         // Update each cube in neighborCubes here
>         neighborCubes.forEach(neighbor => {
>           neighbor.destroy();
>         });
>         removeCols();

  // Helper function moves cube sprites down
  function renderCubes(cube) {
    for (let row = 0; row < cube.row; row++) {
      // Move cube sprite down by 30px
      board[cube.col][row].y += cubeSize;
      // Update the row of cube
      board[cube.col][row].row += 1;
    // Update board array
    let removed = board[cube.col].splice(cube.row, 1);
    board[cube.col] = removed.concat(board[cube.col]);



I’m losing my marbles and can’t figure out why nothing disappears when I click my mouse anywhere on the cubes. Is there something I am missing with the prompt telling me, “Remove matching cubes from game if there’s at least 2 of them”.

I feel really lost and the dev project isn’t really helping me resolve this. Can anyone help a brother out? To understand why this isn’t working and what will make it work. You are more appreciated than you know, thank you.

I don’t have access anymore to confirm, but I’ll give it a shot.

If I recall correctly, getNeighbors() is a helper function provided already. Check the definition of that function to see if it takes any arguments because I believe it should if it’s meant to get neighbors of something.

You can log the value of neighborCubes.length to see if it’s returning anything too.