Css won't link to HTML

Does anyone have an idea as to why my Css sheet is not visibly affecting my HTML code when i run it.

They are linked together like so:

I went through and verified that the file path is correct, the name of the css sheet is correct, and it’s not throwing any errors. However, whenever i try to run the code, all that shows up is the HTML text, sans any formatting

Hey there!

Can you please share a little of the code? Namely the CSS, link tag and the file structure of your project (what files are in what folders etc)?


Where is your css located. Have you added something like the below in the head

<link rel="stylesheet" href="mystyle.css">

If your stylesheet is within a subdirectory don’t forget to include that. Perhaps another element above isn’t closed off properly. In your text editor does the html look well formatted in the header?

What would be handy would be for you to upload a screenshot of your file structure and then the header code so we can review. I wouldn’t be surprised if you fixed this already, should be something pretty simple.

i’m sorry for the delay, I’ve just found the solution that Codecademy provides and have been comparing the two codes to see the differences.
I had indeed put a link in the heading, however i had failed to include: type=“text/css”
I assume that this was part of my problem?
Also, is the order in which rel and href placed within the link important, or does it not matter>

Hey, nope the order doesn’t matter but good to hear your problems solved.
You can always bookmark this URL https://www.w3schools.com If you need to look up some quick HTML with some examples. John Duckets HTML book is pretty sick too, actually all his books are good.