CSS within the HTML course?

hi there,
I’m a total beginner (surprise :wink: ) and I am currently working through the basic HTML course. But the “Introduction to HTML” course, chapter 2 “Tables” throws already a bunch of CSS at me, including questions about it in the quiz. Should I switch to the CSS course before continuing with chapter 2 of the HTML course??? It’s a little confusing tbh…

@byte0066672175 Welcome. No, CSS is not in the HTML course, but you shouldn’t swap. Just keep going…knowing a bit of CSS is useful, but you can still get the most out of the HTML course by not doing the CSS course. In fact, they recommend you finish the HTML before you do the CSS.

Hi there.

There is a brief introduction to CSS in the context of tables as part of the Tables lesson.

I think, given the example CSS, below, that the person who put the curriculum together for that course assumed that you’d see that CSS and be able to associate the table, th, and td with the table tags - <table>, <th>, <td> - you’ve just covered.


The CSS properties are pretty self explanatory - border being borders, font-family being the typeface (font) and text-align being positioning.

The quiz question is also on the same thing.

To answer your more general question

HTML, CSS and JavaScript all interact to create the web as we experience it today. You should be able to complete the HTML course without needing any serious knowledge of CSS - though I can’t say for sure there’s no more occasions where you’ll be asked to do similar small bits on it as you have here with tables. (I haven’t done the entirety of the HTML course.)

As you progress through the course, if you do come across anything you don’t understand or get stuck then you can always come ask us on the forums for help. (LIke you did here :slight_smile: )

If you wanted to learn all of them together, then the web development path does that, but if you’re enjoying the HTML course I see no reason necessarily for you to switch. :slight_smile:

Allright, thank you very much!