CSS transition help!

So I’m on my own project using html and css after finishing those two courses on codecademy. But I found that i need to learn somewhat more about css transition beyond the content of css lessons because i got millions of question about it lol.
One of them I really want to get help is this.
How can I change color of

when I hover on the

content? I can make color of

to change when I hover on the

contents, but it’s hard to connect different tags.

Thank you and I’m sorry for my bad english…!

To answer your question →

How can I change color of when I hover on the content?

You can use for example →

Use the :hover selector

h1:hover {
  background-color: blue;

/* When you hover on your h1 element then it should be blue */

Here’s w3schools’s example → :hover selector

Here’s MDN’s example → :hover selector

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Ohh im sorry my question was how can I change color of A tag when I hover B. I used paragraph and h1 tag in the question but I didn’t know it is applied to content.

It’s alright @ye-wonl8998422915

To change the color of A tag when I hover B:


<div id="a">Div A</div>
<div id="b">Div B</div>


#a:hover + #b {
    background: #ccc

I guess this should get the job done.


It is working as what you expected? Feel free to mark it as solved.

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Omg it works you saved so much of my time thank you :))

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I’m so sorry for bothering you again. For your example, it works really well. But like my picture above it doesn’t work and i’m pretty sure that’s because there is a divs around each elements. How can I make it works with div?

You can select the class .containera & .containerb

For example ->.

.containera:hover {
   top: 10px;
.containera:hover + .containerb {
   top: 10px;