CSS table borders

Styling with CSS

This lesson talks about borders in CSS and then the instructions tell you to add data to the table- nothing about borders or CSS. Later at the end of this course the lesson titled “Styling with CSS” talks about " CSS properties you learned about earlier." -I didn’t learn any- did I miss something?

There is an example given in the lesson text for Table Borders. Be sure to read/re-read lesson text. What’s more, the current lesson gives the full code for exercise in the instructions. Just copy and paste in the style.css file.

Thanks, didn’t know about the css heading, still not quite getting it but I’ll work on it. Thanks again.

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sorry but the current lesson does not give out the full code for the exercise there is nothing to copy and paste and there is no example, frankly it’s pretty poorly explained

I googled it and what I think the answer is is that you have to add
table, td {
border: 1px solid black;

right below your opening ^table^ element. (The ^ are the respective greater to or less than symbols - it codes if I use them, so that’ll have to do.)

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