CSS styling p element selector


I've been stuck on this for a week or two. I can't tell if I'm just completely missing the mark or if it's actually difficult. Can any one offer any beta before I lose my mind?

  1. Make a new CSS rule that selects the p element inside <div class="jumbotron">..</div>.
  2. Set the color to #fff
  3. Set the font-size to 20px


Let's just start with that. Is doing that giving you doubts? Do you understand the CSS terminology, words like "select", "element", "div", "class"?

Before this exercise you have successfully written several selectors. Here are two examples that are very similar to what this exercise is expecting.

You selected the a elements in the nav div with : .nav a { ... }
You selected the h1 elements in the jumbotron div with : .jumbotron h1 { ... }

Can you follow that pattern to select the p elements in the jumbotron div?