CSS styling not being applied when trying to deploy my website using Github!


I recently completed my cheatsheet project and wanted to deploy it using Github so I could share it on here and get feedback but whenever i visit the site none if the CSS styling is being applied.

when i view it locally it looks how it’s intended to but once i view it using the Github url the styles are not visible.

this is what my link tag looks like in my html code.

both the resource folder and css folder were intentionally capitalized. Not sure if that’t wrong or could be affecting the issue.

Please help !


It looks like the folder structure is different than it is on your local copy.

index.html and index.css are both in the root folder on Github.

So you can change this line in index.html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./index.css">

By removing the folders, you are pointing to the CSS file that is in the same folder as index.html

Sorry for getting back so late ! Anyway it worked ! you’re a life saver. Can you maybe check it out when you have time and give your opinion on it ?

The code structure of both the HTML and CSS files looks fantastic. Very clean!

Looking forward to seeing the next project you post here.