CSS Selectors


I’m slightly confused with part 9 " Keeping it Classy," this what the lesson says.
“Create any number of HTML elements you like and give them the class “fancy”. On the CSS tab, set .fancy to have a font-family of cursive and a color of #0000CD.”

I responded with this …

.fancy {
font-family: Cursive;
color: #0000CD;

Its asking if I created at least one HTML element with the class ‘fancy’? Was wondering if you could help and point out where I am going wrong? Greatly appreciated.


Hi @megasurfer59795 :slight_smile:
So your cursive value shouldn’t have been capitalized because cursive isn’t an official font you get from the web or anything.
Therefore, font-family: cursive

I really hope this clears things up for you!


I tried lowercasing but still had the same issue, any other suggestions possibly?

.fancy {
font-family: cursive;
color: #0000CD;


I figured it out I apologize, I forgot to set the div/class on the html to fancy.
I got it to work, thanks for assistance.


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