Css selectors 4


Whats wrong with this? It wont recognise my code.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
<title>Strut Your Stuff!</title>
<p>I'm about to become a lovely shade of teal.</p>
<p>Me, too!</p>
<p>I think I'll do the same.</p>
<p>We're going to become a truly striking scarlet!</p>
<p>I was thinking more vermillion.</p>
<p>No, crimson!</p>

p {
color #00E5EE;
div p {
color #CC0000;
* {
border: 3px solid #3A5FCD;


@webninja85959 Hello. In your CSS file, make sure to put a colon after the attribute, so like this:

p {
color: #00E5EE;


@webninja85959, same problem you have with the color property of the paragraphs inside your div