CSS Selector Lesson 8/23

I have a problem that seems to be a bug, or maybe I’m not doing it the way is supposed to be done. Although the results are just right (In the results window) so I’m kinda lost. I’m putting a captcha to see if anyone can help here.


could you post your code?

Here’s the captcha

You didn’t give your synopsis paragraph a color of #7AC5CD, which causes the error. step 3 of the instructions:
Make the synopsis paragraph have the color #7AC5CD.

You need help with it? or do you think you can figure it out?

Eer, I’m not supposed to change any color here (it’s 8/23 of CSS Selectors). It says I shoud just change the Intro and Conclusion paragraph to bold {The body > p section}, I did in the results window appears as it. But it doesn’t let me finish cuz it says I haven’t done it.

weird, i just tried to this exercise, and couldn’t pass either. Step 3 of the instructions do tell you to do the coloring of synopsis paragraph, but what causes the error in the exercise? you got me, i am 100% certain my code is correct (i even copied the correct code from my exercise in the english course) in the spanish course, didn’t work, super weird (i do not speak spanish)

I changed synopsis color to #7AC5CD. An still gives me the same answer that I haven’t changed intro and summary paragraphs to Bold. I’m lost here haha

Maybe there’s and instruction that got lost between translation and typing. Well, I have ignore it but I decided to post if there was any solution. Meh, we’ll see. I’ll try to reach Spanish community. Thanks a lot!

i believe exercise are just translated, nothing is done with SCT so far as i know. You ask the spanish community, i am sorry i can’t help you, if they can’t help you either, send me a message, i will pull some strings (ask a admin/multiply admins if that is what it takes)

Hey, i just got stock there too, but solved it. Here is the code:
p {
div >p {
body > p {
div p {
ul p {


I have the same problem…

Encontraste la solución? Saludos.

No, no pude solucionar eso. Lo siento.

Hola Thony, el problema es el navegador, probé a usar Chrome para realizar el ejercicio y se solucionó el problema, por algún motivo algunos ejercicios (me volvió a pasar más adelante) no funcionan bien con Firefox, no llegué a probar IE (me da sarpullido jajajaja).

Un saludo.


Muchas gracias amigo. Eso ha sido la solución, y sí. Va mucho mejor la página en Chrome jaja.

why on earth does it ask you to add the color as #000000 if the code wont work that way?

be careful with the use of w3schools, like explained here. Also, posting full answers is not allowed, please read the guide-lines, thank you for your understanding

Thanks to all for your replies, the problem was solved. It was an issue of compatibility (I guess), because I used the solution I had to Chrome and I got it right check while on FirefoxI kept getting a constant error (even though it was the exact same code).

Some excercises seem to have this issue too, hope Codecademy staff can break it through soon. Again thanks folks!

no es la primera vez que me pasaba…!! y ya me estaba volviendo loco!!!:confounded:

Tenía el mismo problema, muchas gracias por el dato.