Css Project Typography - Q7 @fontface property - Url becomes a comment - how to fix this


First time I’m posting something so i hope that my code is visible below.

The purpose of Q7 is to import Google fonts directly into stylesheets with the @font-face property.
I’ve done all the necessary steps, but something weird is occuring.

At src: url(https//fonts.etcetera the // causes the remainder of the url to become a comment.
I’ve tried using ‘’ or “” inside the url. But that didn’t work.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Kind regards


Link to the code: https://gist.github.com/067d7f97fcb28030a88e88767047411d

Hello @mr_lanky88, welcome to the forums! Should the url be in quotation marks as well?

Hi codeneutrino,

I’ve tried but it made no difference :frowning:
Maybe something in that specific file is just a bit off.
In other files I don’t get the problem with URLs turning into comments.

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