CSS problems in file?

Hi All,

I’m working on a project and all seems to be working fine, however my index.css is orange in vscode with the number 5 to the side of it, when I hover it says “5 problems in this file”

Despite the site working as intended, is there a way for me to easily detect what these ‘issues’ are?

I see there is red markings in the side bar and mini css display on the right side of my screen however I am unsure as to pinpoint exactly what they’re referring too.

Thank you.

When VSCode marks an error it usually puts the red marking right along side the line containing the error, and a orange or red squiggly line underneath the actual error. Can you see anything like that? I’m not sure if their is a difference between how a “problem” and an “error” are marked.

You could also post your code or a screenshot here.

Found it, Thank you.

I had set a width percentage and ended up with width: 25%%; by accident, saw the squiggly line from the post and found it.

Thank you

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