CSS Problem



I need help.. i tried to refresh the website but when i press save and submit code my website turns into white?

It happend after i typed
''.nav li
display: inline;

Please help


need curly brackets for your declaration block.

.nav li{
  display: inline;

hope that helps :sunny:


I am too fast to ask for help, maybe i should take a closer look xD.. thank you :slightly_smiling:


Oh.. now it goes white again :frowning:


Full CSS: http://pastebin.com/LbSuincx
Full HTML: http://pastebin.com/3LcY4NLV


The mini screen on the right hand corner? Where you can see your project?

If that's what you talking about going white then just refresh your browser or open and close it


I did, when i press ''Save and submit code'' again, it turns into white


Your last declaration block does not have a closing curly brace :slightly_smiling: .

.jumbotron .container {
    position: relative
    top: 100px

There are actually two problems here..
1. need to close each style with a ;
2. need the closing curly brace.

Just remember the semi-colons and curly braces and you should be fine :sunny: