CSS practice with new website



Are there any references to creating a basic website with CSS? I understand the fundamentals of both HTML and CSS -- now I just need practice memorizing the rules and where to place in HTML. I really want to have this skill mastered before I take on JavaScript.

Where is everyone else at? Are any noobs just starting with JavaScript?


Here take a look at this website,



I think Mozilla has a better tutorial. I guess I'm just looking for the hierarchy of a simple site with some enhanced CSS. The source code of some of the sites I look at are too complex to understand at this stage of my learning. Thanks for the response.


yea, mozzila has much better documentation. There are other sites where you can learn coding, just scrape knowledge from different sites, for example freecodecamp, this map is nice, you can see the different things they offer (html, css, js), there are more sites (sololearn)

I will think of more.

As for w3schools:


Its a shame i can't find it, there was even an answer which said that if there was a reference to w3schools on your resume, he threw it away without looking away (several years ago), he was the employer who hired personal.


I've seen that offers for boot camp grads come in much lower than their counterparts, but it all boils down to ability, right?

Code Academy and Mozilla have been the best for me so far. On Code Academy at least I can see a finished product as opposed to a small snippet that doesn't give me real world experience. I'm psyched, for sure. Like I said I really just want to hammer the basic fundamentals before I immerse myself in JavaScript or any other language for that matter.


But both sololearn and freecodecamp offer html and css, which wouldn't hurt to learn more in depth.

You need to learn how to use a text-editor on your computer to create html and css files, which you can then view in the browser


I appreciate it. I'll check both of them out. What text editor do you use?


Atom and vim, but i recommend you not to use vim


Not my first choice. It is only a scrape on the iceberg of information that is written in the specifications, recommendations and style guides.

  • W3C
  • MDN
  • CSS Tricks
  • AListApart
  • SitePoint

And that's just five of the dozens of sites I would turn to first.


What are your thoughts on Hack Reactor? I'm really wanting to immerse myself in it and these boot camps have gained popularity...



Never heard of them, but then I'm not really in touch with the in scene. Kind of stuck in the past, as it were. Fearful of Slouching toward Bethlehem to be born.

Will look at it, though, and get back to you. My opinion shouldn't mean much, though.

Cannot judge without going the distance...

Since it's Corner Bar, sharing my reference from above,


I appreciate it. Just trying to steer myself in the right direction on what to learn first, although everywhere I've read says there's no right thing to learn first.


The right thing to learn first is the first thing you learn. Learn it. Then go on from there to what captures your interest. Devote yourself to something long enough to learn it. You build on that foundation, whatever you pursue.


I started with w3.css it was fine for me, but maybe it's just my preference :smile:


If we learn based only on preference we leave most of what is to learn on the table. w3 is far too simplistic for my liking. Give me a bone with some meat on it.


Sorry, I should have asked, did you mean w3schools? or w3.org?


No problem, I meant w3.org :slight_smile: