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Can someone please help me understand why all the font is linked in this practice CSS blog I did for the Full Stack Coding Syllabus?

Thank you.


Hello Kat!

I can see that many of your tags aren’t properly closed. Go through your project and verify that each of the element tags are closed in this way </tag>. Remember that some tags do not require a closing tag such as img.

As for the specific issue that you are asking, the problem is on your anchors.

This is the correct way:

        <li><a href="#Blog">Blog</a></li>
        <li><a href="#Media">Media</a></li>
        <li><a href="About">About</a></li> 

The content inside your anchor has a “<” that is creating a conflictive closing of tags, rendering everything as a link. Also have in mind that your </li> aren’t closed (as I mentioned before, this problem extends all over your project)

Finally, the ol tag is ordered list, and it is used the same way as ul (unordered list) that means it should be syntaxted this way:




Hello. I don’t understand why the width isn’t 70px. we don’t have enough cells and fifth box should take the width that we defined in grid-auto-columns.

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It is a good idea to post in a relevant thread or create a new thread with appropriate title. Posts in threads of other topics/exercises tend to miss being noticed.

Have a look at this thread. kirativewd has discussed this in detail.


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thank you so much! I am going to fix that right now :smile: