CSS Positioning

what is 50% in navbar id left = 50%;


#navbar {
   /* more css code */ 
  left: 50%;

left is similair (yet very different) from margin-left. it will set the #navbar 50% to the left, as you can see in this simpe example

i wrote an extensive answer about position, margin and left here

so, it means 50 percent of the margin (screen) ?

That depends, what position is used? Your question suggest absolute, if it is absolute, then the question is: what are the parents? If none of the parents are non static, then yes, it is placed 50% to the right (space on the left side)

thanks helped me lot
btw i completed html/css course
what should i learn next jscript/python/php etc
if my aim is to build my own website and make chrome extensions and apps.

That depends, javascript + jquery would be nice to make your website interactive. So i do recommend that.

You can learn python followed by django, then you can use django to manage the back-end of your website. But since you also learned js, you could learn nodejs (which is really growing and in demand at the moment) or you could learn php + php framework to mange your database web end.

Of course, python serves more purpose then just web back-end. It is a really nice language, i write scripts in it to automate task on my computer.

So, i think we discusses websites. chrome extensions? No idea, but @zystvan made a chrome extension, so i am sure he can answer that for you.

Apps for what? with frameworks like phonegap you could make a app in html + css + js. If you want to make apps for ios learn swift, if you want apps for android, learn java (java !== javascript)

being a cse student i have little knowledge about java,c++,python, linux .
so i have decided to follow this
python -> jscript+jquery -> nodejs

but is there anything like jscript in python so that i can replace jscript with that

and lastly, i am currently in earn to learn mode so can you kindly suggest me some ways to earn using cse skills.

why would you do python if you js + jquery (js library) + nodejs (js framework)?

This questions are confusing:
but is there anything like jscript in python so that i can replace jscript with that
and lastly, i am currently in earn to learn mode so can you kindly suggest me some ways to earn using cse skills.
could you elaborate?
what is cse skills?

  1. i know some part of python so why not learn it completely and then turn towards js+jq

  2. for java syntax is similar to jscript
    same way
    python syntax for creating interactive effects within web browsers (like jscript).

  3. cse = computer engineering

  4. i way asking for some ways to earn money online especially for computer engineering students

  1. Yea, if you already know python you could learn it more.
  2. javascript is similar to java? I don’t find them similar, and they serve different purpose.

You can’t create interactive effects with python in a browser, that doesn’t work (python is not available in a browser). That is why you learn js (or jquery, which makes interactive effects easier)

  1. Don’t know, programming is purely a hobby for me. Maybe approach company’s who have an outdated website and ask if you can make a better website for them? Build your own site, host it, host ads on it, earn money? No idea

@pysurfer02955 A basic browser extension is made with JavaScript, maybe CSS, and JSON.

Re earning money:

  • Make yourself a website, and host your projects (at least the good ones) online. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you can get a job or internship just by having someone decide they like your work and would like you in the company.
  • It might be worth checking if your college IT department needs additional students; you can get a job from someone seeing your skill there as well.

hi just visited ur website its awesome :blush: .
i’m planning to start learning jscript so how should I go about
(i have learned java 3 years back but need to revise it to be fluent)

Thanks, glad you like it!

Just to clarify, JavaScript, JScript, and Java are three different languages. JScript and JavaScript are very similar, but they’ve got some slight differences.
I would recommend the JavaScript and Java courses for you. Whether you want to learn JScript or JavaScript, they’re similar enough I think the JavaScript course will be able to get you started :slight_smile:

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Wait, what? i assumed Jscript was the same as js, oops. That explains a lot.

oh i see i thought jscript and java script are same
which one is better please suggest me one

JScript and JavaScript are very similar, it’s just a few minor differences between them. But yeah, they’re different :slight_smile:

@pysurfer02955 Learn JavaScript, that’s what everybody will assume you mean if you say you know JScript anyway.