Css not linking to html

I am having similar problem where my index.css isn’t connecting to my index.html file they are both on different folders tho…

then the value for href attribute need changing, given this attribute is responsible for the location and filename of css file

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so i had two different folders, one called “Devprojects” and another folder called Resources inside of resources i had another folder called css with index.css
i got it to work but i had to put the resources file inside of devprojects in order for it to work … any ideas how to link both html and css file together if i separate both directories ?

so you had this:

|- Documents?
   | - DevProjects
       | - index.html
   |- Resources
      |- css
         |- index.css

sure we can make a relative path link then as well:


where .. is the parent directory, and the \ or / depends on OS used.

But Resource directories are often part of the projects, using the same resource directory over multiple projects is a bad idea


yeah thats the structure i had it in, but now have resources in devprojects

so for different projects should get it’s own folder with resources ?

absolutely, if resource folders are shared by projects you could get name conflicts and other problems which increase the risks at bugs.

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nice !! ok thank you so much really helped.:vulcan_salute: