CSS Not Linking To HTML


My CSS isn’t linking to my HTML file. All files are in the same folder {Name}Portfolio. The folder includes stylesheet.css, about.html, index.html, and contact.html. As a test I was just trying to update the header color using the code
h1{color: [insert color]}
but it isn’t updating.
On each html file in the head section i have the following code

<link href="stylesheets.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">

my link code isn’t showing up but its

yeah the link is correct. what you should make sure is correct is the page name of the stylesheet, how it is being saved ___.css

dont forget to add the link in the HEAD tag

How are you spelling stylesheet i.e. the name of the file? You spelled it two different ways in your post.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the help! It’s resolved now.

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