CSS not displaying properly on Git

Hello everyone! I’m a beginner at coding so I started to do some challenges to learn front web development and the thing is that I created a repository and uploaded a project but the CSS formating is not displaying properly.
Here locally everything works fine, but not with the git link.

The link to the repository is Link to my git

Thank you in advance!

Try css/styles.css instead of ``css\styles.css`.
Once it’s on the web or a server and not on your local machine the slashes need to go forward.

Hello @toastedpitabread!
I just did that. I changed the backslash for a forward but it seemed to have no effect. The page is still loading without any styling from the css file.


The file paths online are case sensitive, try CSS/styles.css instead of css/styles.css. Alternatively you could rename the folder on GitHub to be lowercase to match the path.

I tested that via inspect and it seemed to fix the issue but let us know if there’s still a problem! :smile:


Hi @notlyall,

I didn’t know that git was case sensitive. It is really good to know.
And your solution fixed my problem. I changed the ‘css’ word inside the index.html to be uppercase and match the folder name.

Thank you very much for the assistance.

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