CSS Minifier 🤓 - written in [PYTHON]



Ever wondered why people use min.css files?

The answer: SPEED SPEED SPEED! :bullettrain_side:

No one likes a slow website and minifying your CSS and JS can boost your loading speed by a hefty margin if you have a lot of CSS or JS code.

Which brings me to a project I cooked up today. A CSS Minifier written in PYTHON 3.

It's not the most elaborate one out there, but I just wanted to share it with the awesome folks here at Codecademy. :slight_smile:

I'd love to hear your feedback. :heart:


  • Minifies your CSS.

  • Stores your Minified CSS File in your Python Directory.

  • Copies the Minified CSS File to your clipboard.

Note: The Copy to Clipboard code cannot work in Repl.It so uncomment it when you're in IDLE or the Python Console.

Javascript MINIFIER :nerd: written in [ Python ]

why do you import tkinter? planning on expanding it with GUI?


tkinter is for the copying to clipboard part but I commented it out cause it can't work on repl.it


Will release the JS version tomorrow. :slight_smile: