CSS Lession 26 (again): text-decoration: error

This issue has been posted what looks like dozens of times, so I’m not going to re-explain it in depth here. In CSS lesson 26 you are asked to style a link with text-decoration set to none. There is a known issue in Chrome where the interpreter will claim you didn’t set text-decoration to none when you did. The solution is to use another browser, in particular, Firefox (IE and Edge have also worked for some Windows users).

My question is: what do I do if it doesn’t work in Firefox, either? I am a Linux user, so Windows-based browsers are out of the question. I tried Midori, but Codecademy doesn’t support it, and as a webkit-based browser, it may very well have the same bug as Chrome. I don’t have KDE or Gnome, so using their default browsers is not an option.

What can I do? I know my code is valid, based on the correct code posted by many others reporting the issue.

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