CSS Grid: Task Board Freeform Project

Link to the exercise:

For task 8, the grid-auto-rows should be placed under the .card-column class?

And for task 9, what exactly should I do to produce this result?

Hello @wenyitee
The link which you shared is for pro members so I can’t open it.

And for task 9, (as is apparent to me from the other link you’ve posted) you’ll have to first create two rows - one header and the other one having those divs - future project, active projects and current projects.
And then set the grid gap.
Then make rows for those divs.

You’ll have to use javascript for adding the rows in the completed projects’ div.
Add an event listener to the add button and then do the required task.
Also note that body’s background sholud have a linear gradient

I don’t know exactly what you have to do. I hope that I have assumed it correctly that you have to do this from scratch.

Check this reference site for seeing what all you can use.

You can yourself inspect the page (task 9) by ctrl + shift + I
And see what to do

You need not display the body and grid and then make two rows for header and the content
Just use grid for those divs

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