CSS Grid: Question #2 of Grid Template Area

This is the questionn_

In the header rule set in style.css , set the grid-area property to header .

This is what I did:
text-align: center;

header {
background-color: dodgerblue;
grid-area: header;

nav {
background-color: beige;


.left {
background-color: dodgerblue;


This is the error code that pops up.
Did you add grid-area: header; to the header rule set in style.css?

Learn CSS: Grid Template Areas - 2/12

I had this same issue… for me it seemed to have been caused by Codecademy’s browser area on the right of your coding area.

I got this error while the code and questions sections were expanded but the browser area on the right was minimized. (I have submitted a bug report on the module and questions that have this issue)

I am using:
Browser: Mozilla: Firefox

My Solution

I managed to fix this by just clicking on the darker bar to the right of your code section, to re-open the browser area and then running your code again.

I assumed this was intentional, forcing the user to observe the changes he/she has made.

hope this helps!

Alt Solution

Another solution could be to use Chrome instead, I seem to have far more luck with avoiding errors and progressing through my courses.