CSS Grid: Project Task Board

In this exercise, when I try to resize the browser, the screen does not shrink and the site freezes.

And it shows error:

I changed browser, but nothing change.Can somebody help me?

Yeah, I’ve experienced that quite a few times on various projects. I believe it’s a bug related to the Codecademy site itself. Try reloading the page or closing it and re-opening it.

I tried again but nothing change.

Clarification: The Project Task Board seems to bug out and freeze like that every time I put it on full screen, but it doesn’t open in full screen, so closing the tab and navigating back to to the project through Codecademy SHOULD allow you to continue the project, but yes it will probably freeze again if you go to full screen.

I can reload the page in my browser (Firefox) by using Ctrl+R and then when prompted about the webpage slowing my browser clicking Stop It, which is quicker than closing the tab and navigating back to the project on codecademy, but it looks like Edge (or whatever browser that is) only lets you choose between Wait or Exit page, so reloading might not work.