CSS: Grid Align Items

I think the HTML is not the web we need to code CSS to.
On the instruction you write:
“Notice that each row of recipe cards stretches to the height of the row (450 pixels), even if it doesn’t have enough text to fill the space.”
but the HTML is composed of boxes… so there is no correlation between the two.

Pardon my confusion. Not sure I follow. CSS was directly intended to remove presentation and positioning from the markup and take over that concern. What other web is there to aim style sheets at?

HTML is not ‘composed of boxes’, but nodes or selectors. CSS is the basis of the box model.

Please post a link to the this exercise so it can be reviewed. If there does prove to be a problem we need to pass it upstairs. Thanks,

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I’m sorry for my English…. But here is a screenshot of the course:

On the left , the instructions are about a web that has 2 columns of recipe cards BUT the site on the right is different….

We still need a link to this exercise, please. Thanks.

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