CSS Grid Align Items in Project "CSS Grid: Task Board"

Hi, I just finished the project “CSS Grid: Task Board” (https://www.codecademy.com/paths/front-end-engineer-career-path/tracks/fecp-making-a-website-responsive/modules/fecp-learn-css-grid/projects/css-grid-task-board)

After finishing the project, I would like to align the “task cards” in the right-most column (Completed Projects) to start, so that the one task card that is there by default is at the top of the column. I have tried several solutions, by which adding display: grid & align-items: start to .completed-projects, in my head, would be the correct way to do it. However, nothing seems to work for me and I was hoping somebody could tell me how I might be thinking wrong about this?

In my mind, .completed-projects is the container that the task cards are in, so making the container into a grid and aligning its children to “start” should work. Why doesn’t it?

Thanks a lot!