CSS font-family cursive



Replace this line with your code. h3 { font-family: cursive ; }
is this correct?


Hey :smiley:

Cursive needs a capital C as do most fonts..

Also check the instructions as you need to provide different font-family for each h1/2/3 :slight_smile:

Finally, it looks weird having a space between cursive and the semi-colon ;


Hello, jimmynames

Capitalized it, but didn't fix the issues..

And I already have read the instuctions, all the headers are set for font-family.

And I don't believe that is the solution to my problems because other tasks they had spaces and work just fine.


Can you paste your code, correctly formated using this button please

Whilst it may not be the solution it is correct formatting and I'd advise using it :smiley:


h3 {font-family:Cursive; }


No can you paste all of your code pwease :sweat_smile:


OOPS! Sorry, I got it now. I'm on to my next lesson, thanks so much for trying to help.


lol ok gr8/8 keep at it :smile_cat: