CSS exercise course on Web Development Path


I believe that there is a mistake on the section why change the box model part of this course ,
the borders should be 10px instead of 20px and this creates confusion… I think it should be corrected by the creators of this course.


we appreciate user feedback, but please provide the link/url of the exercise, then we know what exercise you are talking about.


For example here: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-css/lessons/box-model-new/exercises/box-content?action=resume_content_item

width+padding+border = actual rendered width of an element’s box

I believe the left padding and right padding both should be 10px instead of 20px. Otherwise It doesn’t make sense


Ups Sorry , I made a mistake !!! It is all correct !!! I miscalculated !!


so the total width of the element is 200px, which consist of:

1 + 20 + 158 + 20 + 1, which if you add together, results in 200px