CSS exercise 16 - where is the mistake?

Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your h1 header font-family to serif?
I have put my h1 header font-family to serif, but I always get this report… :frowning:

Hey @bytewhiz78414! I honestly cant help you if you dont show me your code! But the major issue people are have with it is that they put san sierf at CAPS. Like this:


Just change it to this and you should be fine


Hope it helped! If it didnt please reply saying so!

I have put h1 to font family sans-serif but it replies that:Did you remember to set your

header font-family to sans-serif?

I write the code as shown below:
h2 {

Remove the quotes around sans-serif and it should work. Next time please create a new topic for your question, instead of replying on another with it.