Css display and positioning

i didnt understand css display and positioning well and i know that this topic is very essential and important. i have no idea how i can improve my css display-positioning skills. Please give me some advice:) thank you

When you ask a question, don’t forget to include a link to the exercise or project you’re dealing with!

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As with many things learning to code, the best way to get better on something you’re unsure of is to practice, practice, practice. While how exactly it’s best to do that will vary from person to person, the best way imo is just by taking something like a https://codepen.io/ environment, putting some empty colored divs in, and just trying different ways or rearranging/positioning them in using the different techniques and rules you’ve learned though that module.

The more you use them, the more they’ll become muscle-memory to use and you’ll better understand how to use them properly.

Happy coding! :smile:

thank you :)) im absolute beginner but i will do it and happy coding too:))

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