CSS: Display and Positioning (I'm confused please help)

first of all, i’d like to greet my fellow coders. wassup ya’ll!
I’m new to codecademy, i just finished html course and moved to css course.
when I got into the Display and Positioning topic, i got confused on two position property which is absolute and fixed. its says that:

absolute - When an element’s position is set to absolute the element will scroll with the rest of the document when a user scrolls.

fixed - fixes an element to a specific position on the page (regardless of user scrolling)

but that was not what happened to the output. it was the other way around. setting the property to fixed would make the element to scroll with rest of the document and absolute wouldn’t
I’m guessing this might be a bug and if so i hope codecademy would fix this

do you have code samples to support this theory?

fixed makes an element glued to the screen, and doesn’t scroll with the rest of the document.

I recorded a short screenshot video of it actually, but I can’t upload it here. it says I’m a new user. But thank you for your clarification. I already finished the course

btw how did you become a codecademy moderator?

I just checked your profile, oh my god you’re on high level ■■■■. what’s your profession sir if I may ask?

You can also just copy paste both codes to the forum, then i will put it in a bin so i can run it. That easier also to debug