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Hello there all

I have recently finished the learn CSS course with the certification of completion i am wondering which course I should do next to help gain more fluency in regards to coding

Also another question where is the best place to do coding outside of code academy so i can practice what i have learned

Would really appreciate the feedback on my questions and happy coding

It really depends what you want to do! If you’re learning CSS, I assume you’re interested in learning how to build a website, so for that you can try out Learn HTML to learn how to build a webpage.
You can also do Learn Javascript which will teach you how to code using Javascript, a powerful language which also is used to make web pages a bit more dynamic.
This is all covered in the Front End Engineer Career Path which can take you from zero experience to building a functioning website ready for deployment, as opposed to taking individual lessons.

The choice is really up to you what direction you would like to go in, but those would be my recommendations if you have learned CSS.

Hello there

I have already completed Learn HTML and now Learn CSS so from this information what course do you now recommend me do to enhance my knowledge

And what is the best place for me to do coding outside of code academy

Many thanks

As I noted Learning Javascript is a good place to go as it’s used to make webpages more dynamic! The Front End Engineer Career path may work well for you as the lessons you have already done will be completed, but there’s a lot of extra notes and such in it for HTML and CSS, as well as adding in the Javascript and teaching you how it all works.

My recommendation would be learning how to set up VS Code, as you can then work on programs in your own environment and have multiple files open at once to make the development process easier. There’s some information on setting that up on the Codecademy website. You can also use a website like code pen if you just want a quick environment to practise in, there’s many options!

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