CSS Combo Selectors Not Working

Hello I need a little help, my CSS combo selectors are not working. For example, in the Github link above, these 3 combos are not working:

.color-title .color-code {
text-align: center;

.bebas-neue .raleway {
display: inline-block;

#title-raleway #title-bebas {
font-size: 25px;

When applied they do not produce a result, and when I remove one of the selectors to make it a non-combo, it works. I’m using Visual Studio Code and I also get the same result in the Codecademy work space. Am I doing something wrong?

This would style the element with the class .raleway that is inside a container with the class .bebas-neue.

I think what you want to do is applying the same style to the classes .raleway AND .bebas-neue, right? Then you need to separate the two with a comma:

.raleway {
  display: inline-block;

Yes that fixed the problem, thank you so much!

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