CSS colors

What is the ideal color system in a professional environment.

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I don’t believe there is any system that is the ideal one.
It is usally a personal preference. I prefer the hexadecimal system because I find it the easiest to understand and write, though RGB is a close second.

Several common ones seen in web design are RGB, HEX, and HSV.
RGB and HEX, are both based on mixing the three primary light colors, red green and blue, to make the color you desire.

However HSV is based on:

Hue: the degrees around a color wheel
Saturation: How much of that basic color is added
And volume: How bright the color is

The majority of the color systems can display the exact same shade, the only difference is in the syntax:

#000000                 //Black
#FFFFFF                 //White
#0000FF                 //Blue

rgb(0, 0, 0)            //black
rgb(255, 255, 255)      //White
rgb(0, 0, 255)          //Blue

hsv(0, 0%, 0%)          //Black
hsv(0, 0%, 100%)        //White
hsv(240, 0%, 0%)        //Blue

I would suggest experiment using different ones, and find which one you prefer.

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I personally use Hex and Rgb because they provide amazing color variations…
Rest is up to you to decide just like @8-bit-gaming says.
Thanks and keep coding :sunglasses: