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Can someone please show the format or syntax for the code in: CSS Selectors - Can you swing it?
Apparently I'm stuck


No, we can't. If you read the guidelines, you will find giving and posting full answers is not allowed, however, if you post your code we can help you


p {
font-family: Garamond;
font-weight: bold;
div p {
font-family: Garamond;
color: #7AC5CD;
font-weight: bold;
div p ul li {
font-family: Garamond;
color: #000000;
text-decoration: underline;


That's the CSS code. I think I got lost on what to do. I really need help...
These were the instructions:

Make all "p" tags have a font-family of Garamond. (Do NOT use the universal selector for this! There's a better way; see the Hint for help.)

Make the introduction paragraph and the summary paragraph have a font-weight of bold (this is a new property for you, but it works just like the others you've learned).

Make the synopsis paragraph have the color #7AC5CD.

Make the paragraphs in the unordered list have the color #000000 and text-decoration underline.


(i know the instructions, i didn't have to look in the exercise). Give all paragraphs a font-family of Garamond, you did that nicely:

p {
    font-family: Garamond; 

now, i am going to strip the html code a bit:

    <ul><li><p>some text</p></li><!-- times 3 --><ul>

if you look in the exercise, you will see that each word of the paragraph describes the paragraph. So, we can use > to select children, as you can see in this barebone version of the code, introduction and summary paragraph are direct child of body, synopsis paragraph is a direct child of div.

Your unordered list is not nested in a paragraph, you want to select the paragraphs inside your list tags. Hope this helps, try again, if you are still stuck, post a updated version of your code, i will help you further


Sorry to disturb again but one more question.
If INTRODUCTION and SUMMARY are a direct child of the HTML BODY.

:evergreen_tree:and I set the tags like this:

body p{
font-weight: bold;
it affects the DIV tags as well, so how do I input it to prevent it from affecting the DIV tags?

:evergreen_tree: and I set the tags like this:

div p{
font-weight: bold:

everything but the INTRODUCTION and SYNOPSIS went bold.

This is the full code:
p {
font-family: Garamond;
body p {
font-weight: bold;

Please, pls help. I am really finding it frustrating.


if you do:

body p { font-weight: bold; }

every paragraph nested somewhere in body will be bold, however if you do this:

body > p { font-weight: bold; }

only paragraph which are a direct child of body (nested directly in the body) will be affected, this explained in this exercise (read the left column), you will need > to select your introduction and summary paragraphs. You will also need > to target your synopsis paragraph


Nevermind, nevermind! I've finaly gotten how to do it! Thanks for your time stetim94, I appreciate it!

I feel like I'm in heaven...


That is even better, figuring out how things work yourself is even better. You're welcome :smile: