CSS code from stylesheet is missing and won't reload!


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Help, it appears that all my CSS code in the style.css stylesheet is missing from this model. it’s not reloading.
Can someone tell me what is wrong or the issue is? I’m mid way done this model and can’t continue if there is no CSS code.

Maybe if someone could copy the CSS code and paste it, maybe I can continue. I’m like midway on this exercise. Question No. 6, I believe.



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I am having the same problem, no code in the style sheet. I finished the lesson anyway but the next lesson (Images) is also missing the style sheet code. I reported the problem to one of the Pro advisers. This was the response I got:

“Thanks so much for flagging this Rowan. Since we advisors are not able to resolve the issue, I’m going to file a bug report with the Product team. Due to the nature of product prioritization there may not be an immediate fix for this, so I’d encourage you to move on to the next exercise or lesson.”

She also said she didn’t have the code to send to me.

Hopefully it gets taken care of soon.



oh man.
I reported it too and talked to a pro advisor and she said she would look into it for me.

I can’t continue on because the rest of the lessons are locked. I need to complete them in order. I wish I had saved the code somewhere but had no idea this kind of system down would occur.

I hope they fix it soon. I was like more than 78% complete the HTML & CSS course!

I guess I could just start the next section.
I don’t think I could do the quiz though.
I hope it lets me continue.

Thanks for replying!
It seems there are a few clients effected. I’ve read numerous posts about the CSS code disappearing.

Hope it gets fixed so we can complete this course!

Happy coding!


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SAME! Vote on this topic

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I’m having the same issue as well. I thought they gave us a blank stylesheet on purpose until I got to exercise 6 and realized that the stylesheet should not have been blank. I hope this is fixed soon.

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Same issue here! Is there any way to get the CSS code somewhere? It won’t reset even after pressing the reset code option. It’d be really kind if someone could provide it so we can paste it in as a temporary solution! It’s a little demotivating when I can’t do the exercises properly :disappointed:

Thanks for reporting this issue.

We just pushed out a fix this morning, so please try reloading your page and you should see the CSS appear again as expected!


Thanks a lot! It works for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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