CSS chaining and specificity exercise

How do you copy and paste code from the whatever-it’s-called (code editor? Terminal?) in the exercises? I tried the good ol’ right click and copy/paste doesn’t come up as an option. HALP?

Hello! Can you post a link to the exercise, please? Additionally, which portion of the screen are you trying to copy from? I think the code editor (which is generally in the middle) has an option to copy the code on the bottom of the screen…


Exercise 12 on this lesson is the one tripping me up. It says to create a ruleset turning the destinations listed towards the bottom to dodgerblue, but they’re supposed to stay gold since it’s using a more specific CSS selector. Mine just turned to dodgerblue even though the lesson said I did everything right. Here’s the code pertaining to h4:


class='destination'>Cape Town, South Africa</h4></li>

h4 {
color: dodgerblue;

.destination li h4 {
color: gold;

The issue is this selector.

// This rule targets all h4 elements nested in li elements which in turn are
// nested in elements whose class is destination.
// Incorrect rule:
.destination li h4 {
color: gold;

// This rule targets all h4 elements that are nested in li elements.
// Correct rule should be:
li h4 {
color: gold;

Your intent in using the selector .destination li h4 was to select h4 elements nested in li elements with class of destination. But, that is not how this selector works. This rule would select h4 elements nested in only those li elements that are nested in elements with destination class. There are no such elements in index.html of this exercise, so the links don’t turn gold.
Have a look at a useful reference about selectors:

It worked, thanks! Definitely appreciate the reply