Css and pictures links are not working in tea cozy project

Hi everybody

This is a general question about working on visual studio code.
I finished doing the tea cozy project and everything worked just fine with the live server.
I have been doing since then more project with java script and node.js and i don’t know if thats have any thing to do with it, but now the tea cozy html is displayed with out showing any css or pictures on it.
i checked my files, everything in the right place as written in the links.
any ideas?
thanks in advance

Can we see the HEAD code from your markup?

sure this is my code:

        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/DevProject/resources/css/styleTC.css">

If your DevProject folder is not on the volume root that URL will not find it. Recommend use relative URL.

On the assumption index.html is in DevProject folder, then css is at,



I would recommend not using any upper case in folder or resource names. Lowercase only is the norm. As a practice it helps avoid letter case errors down the road.

Hi mtf
thank’s a lot about the solution and recommandations
its working now!

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