CSS: An Overwiev, point 9

I have to:
1 Make all the h3 headings red.
2 Set all the paragraphs to the Courier font-family. (Make sure to capitalize “Courier” as shown!)
3) The second paragraph contains text between tags. Set the background-color of that to ‘yellow’. I haven’t make changs in ''index.html, in styleshees.css i wrote:
selector {
property:color:red; font-family:Courier;

What is my error? How can I select the h3 headings in styleshees.css page?

Regards, Federico

Change ‘selector’ to the HTML tag (‘h3’) for step one, make another selector for ‘p’ for paragraph, and add appropriate styling there, and do this for all steps.

I have ro write all in stylesheet.css, Don’t I? Or I have to make changes so in index page?

Correct. In the .css file.

h3 {
property:color:red; font-family:Courier;

? No…

@fidelitas property is a placeholder to give you an example. You should remove the property: part of your code, and put font-family: Courier; on a new line by itself.

How I select the h3 lines?

This is uncorrect:


		<h3>Why use it?</h3>
<h3>What do I think of it?</h3>
color:red; font-family:Courier;


@fidelitas You select them the same way you’d select any other line of text.

Why isn’t correct?

{ color:red; font-family:Courier;

What’s CSS for?

		<h3>Why use it?</h3>
		<h3>What do I think of it?</h3> font-family:courier;  

@fidelitas CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It’s used to style an HTML document, to make it look nice.

That’s better, but take care to separate your CSS and HTML properly. Angle brackets (<>) are part of the HTML, curly brackets ({}) are part of the CSS.

Ah… ok thanks

But what is my error? What I have to write?

I don’t know whot I have to do…
These are my pages



@fidelitas Please follow the instructions here to format your code so we can see it:


but… for CSS I haven’t understood … :frowning:

@fidelitas Please post your full code, properly formatted (see above), with a detailed question explaining exactly what you need help with.

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