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Good evening,
I have to make this work in CSS, but I haven't understood the css use:
-Make all the h3 headings red.
-Set all the paragraphs to the Courier font-family. (Make sure to capitalize "Courier" as shown!)
The second paragraph contains text between tags. Set the background-color of that to 'yellow'

This is the code of my page index.'html:
----'<''''!DOCTYPE html''>'
' <''link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>'''
''<'''title>I Know Kung Fu (er, CSS)''''<'''/title'''>

'''''' What's CSS for?<''''/h3>''''''''
'''' <'''p>CSS is for styling HTML pages!<'''/p>'''''''
--<'''h3>Why use it?--
-<'''p>It makes webpages look really rad.'''
''' <'''h3''>What do I think of it?<'''/h3>'''
'''' <'''p>It's awesome!<'''/p>'''

and this is my stylesheet.css page:
''{'''' color:red; font-family:Courier;-----
--- <'''h3>What's CSS for?<''''/h3>''

		'''<''''h3>Why use it?<''''--/h3--->---

		--<--h3-->'''What do I think of it?<''''/h''3> font-family:courier;  ''''''
	'''	}''''

What I have to do? Can you make me a part for exemple?



Your code is quite confusing...... :frowning:
My best guess is that you do not have a selector in your css file.


How i can make a 'selector'? I have deleted the css page. How I have to do exactly? Can you give me an example?


Anyone can help me? What i have to do? If I could see one example....


You mean the code is confused by the '''' and ---- ?


Yes! How come there are so many quotation marks (") and dashes (---) ? It makes it really hard to read and thus difficult to help you.


is more easy with a photo? The stylesheet.css page is empty now

caricare immagini


now is OK? Please let me know....


I re-wrire with less '''' and----:

'<'!'DOCTYPE html'>
'<'link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/'>
'<'title>I Know Kung Fu (er, CSS)<'/title>
'<'h3>What's CSS for?<'/h3>
'<'p>CSS is for styling HTML pages!<'/p>'
'<'h3>Why use it?<'/h3>'
'<'p>It makes webpages look really rad.<'/p>'
'<'h3>What do I think of it?<'/h3>'
'<'p>It's awesome!<'/p>'


CSS page is empty.. what I have to do exactly?!


in CSS i write this, but is not correct... why??

'{ 'font-family:courier;color:red; '
' <'h3>'What's CSS for?<'/'h3>'

		'<'h3>Why use it?<'/h3'>

		'<'h3>What do I think of it?<'/h3> r;color: red; 


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