CSS: An Overview Many Selectors, Many Properties

I was hoping you guys could help me solve a problem.

The problem is that on the lesson Many Selectors, Many Properties, I filled everything out correctly but it says I'm wrong. I even watched tutorials and copied it step-by-step and it still din't work. It keeps saying that I'm missing the H1 headers when I clearly have them. Please help me!

please post your code so we can help you

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>I am still a noob so what is my code?</p>

please copy paste the html and css code (from the index.html and stylesheet.css file) you use in the exercise to the forum, and use markup for html code to show up:

<!DOCTYPE html>

	    <link href="stylesheet.css";type="text/css";rel="stylesheet">
	<h1>I love Codeacademy!</h1>

Now is CSS

    font-size: 18px;
    color: #4A4943;

Please Ignore that there is no html tag on the html. I have it on the actual project but not here so you can see my code. :slight_smile: Thanks!

attributes (href, rel, type) are separate by spaces, not semi-colons

because you use semi-colons, the <link> isn’t working, the stylesheet isn’t read, the font-family never changes, the exercise gives an error message

semi-colons is used for separating style property + values when using the style attribute.

just separating attributes, is done with spaces, see here an example of an image with multiply attributes:

<img src="url" alt="my image">

see how i separate the attributes with spaces?

Thanks So Much!

you are welcome, please read the markup topic:

so you can get html code to show on the forum the next time