Css:#5. link it up .. keeps asking that css is not linked to html


Keep getting error and I have checked so many times what i am doing wrong... have looked at other response to this and they don't answer my question...

I do not know what to place in my css style sheet b/c it never teaches us to add a link in here.(not yet)
I have searched the web site and nothing ....
PLEASE help. p.s won't show the beg or the ending 'html' tags I do have it in code
This is the code for index


		      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="styelsheet.css"/>
	<p>I want to be SIZE 44 font!</p>

Thank you for your time :innocent:


ok I figured it out... I just don't understand why it kept saying "to link your stylesheet to html" :confused: it makes it so confusing... jijijijij :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

made seem as if there was supposed to be another code in the style sheet... but here is a picture so if anyone else has this problem .... we needed to add a style attribute in the p style="...

:grin: Yay!!!


Here is a picture of old code I had (did not let me add 2 pics :flushed: )

so you may compare it with the correct one.... :smirk: