CSS 5/10 Font-Weight: "Bold";

Hi there

  1. Read the instructions.
  2. Look at current tab(top).
  3. Read error message at the bottom(red).
  4. Read highlighted code in line 33.
  5. Look at website results on the right side.
  6. … from this screenshot: http://puu.sh/yIc4Y/54442ecf62.png

Yeah it doesn’t work for me either. Even when I request to have the code given to me, the answer is wrong.

Same happened to me. Has anyone figured it out yet?

Same also to me. I submitted a bug report and posted here. We’ll see I guess.

Same here. I also submitted a bug report.

Just submitted a bug report too. Is there a way to move onto lesson 6, or do we wait until this is fixed?

Edit: Just talked to support and they’ve also reported the bug. Michael (support) said if you press the run button a few times, it’ll prompt you to get code or keep trying, press get code and you’ll pass and move onto the next lesson.


Yeah I’ve done that, but I just wanted the staff to see the bug so they can fix it ^^ I’m not entirely sure if they actually read the bug reports, thus I posted it on forum. I’ve also sent 5 so far in hopes that codecademy will improve.

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adding “font-weight: bold;” to the p section still does not work

Still doesn’t work properly, but thanks to @dan_murphy you can get to next lesson :slight_smile:

I had the same issue just now. Thanks @dan_murphy for the help with getting past it to the next lesson!

17 days later, and I, too, have encountered this bug. The solution of pressing run until you are given the option to get the code works.

same issue just now. Reported

same problem, sent report, thanks @dan_murphy
just wanted to post in case anyone who can fix it is watching :wink:

Problem hasn’t been solved

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