Css 26 Links and text decoration


It 's not letting me move forward.


No joke me either..... It keeps saying "Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your link's text-decoration to none;?"


can you please post your code here with the lesson link so we can help you? :slight_smile:


I swear I can pay attention:


(I put a capital so you can see it )

a {
color: #cc0000;
text-decoration: none;}


can you show me your html code please? :slight_smile:


I was attempting (sorry!!)

a href = "https://www.facebookiesss.com"> Junkkkk </a

I put spaces and removed the first and last <> so hopefully you can see it.


Lesson was:

Add a link to your HTML page using Link text tags (check the Hint if you need a reminder). You can link to any webpage.
On the CSS tab, change your link's text-decoration to none and its color to #cc0000.
You're done! Revel in the glory of your newfound CSS knowledge for a moment, then head on to the project.


don't be sorry :slight_smile:

to post html code
1.copy and paste your here
2.select whole code
3.you can see </> symbol above,click on it
4.done :slight_smile:

i cant see any error here. make sure in css your opening { and closing } bracket has properly .

after refresh your browser try it :slight_smile:

if it doesn't work show me your full html and css code again


Okay cool. I will refresh and try again



I deleted everything an retyped it all. It magically worked! Whatever I did seemed to work


<a href="www.google.com">Google<img src="http://www.google.com.hk/doodle4google/images/splashes/featured.png"></img></a>

This was my answer. Make sure you put "" around the links as this is what stopped me moving forwards originally. Also make sure the 2nd curly bracket is on the next line.


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