CS101 Python terminal game

I think I’m finished with this game, though I still have to make a blog post.
I was considering adding multiple players so I tried to write it with that in mind.

Is it unusual for most of a python program to be a class?

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I ended up adding the multiplayer part.

Ugh, I was just looking at it today and found errors that I didn’t see since I was so focused on starting with 4 players :cry:

Barring more bugs, I’m done with it. I’d appreciate any feedback, are there any bad practices in there? Have I over complicated anything or everything?

Good Idea adding the multi-player, but that may have been too big of a job for the early stages in learning. I considered it at one point but when I thought about all the things you have to consider, I thought I’d take on that challenge once I’d gained a bit more skill. Your code looks great! but one thing every coder needs to do, especially when requesting feedback, is to write comments over blocks of your code explaining what it does. Overwise the coder viewing the code has to figure out how it works from the very beginning, which can get time-consuming the more complex it is. Good job! and keep up the work.

PS. I think I spent way too much time on mine, making sure it was perfect for when I blogged it. Sometimes moving on to the next project is the best thing you can do.

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