CS101 - Python Terminal Game for Feedback

I just finished my final project for CS101 and would like any constructive feedback you would be able to give.

My idea was to create a game page so to speak in the command line interface where you can have the option to play several different games. For this I have created a “game page” python file that will import the other files to play. So far I have only created a rock, paper, scissors game so only one option works right now. The “game page” is pretty basic and doesn’t have everything I think it needs to function cleanly, but I have been focused more on getting the rock, paper, scissors game functioning properly to complete my final project.

The two files needed to play are located on my github page https://github.com/lejones1785/CS101_Project.git

Run the cs101_game.py in the terminal and enter 1 to play rock, paper, scissors. This should start the game with a prompt to pick your play. The computer’s play is random. Best of three rounds wins.

Any tips, tricks, suggestions, or additions would be great. This is my first python program, so I imagine it’s pretty rough so be kind (rewind), haha! Thanks in advance!!

P.S. I am planning to work on adding additional games (for more practice) so these files may change over time.

Very nice!

An interesting thought experiment/exercise would be how to program a pseudo-strategic approach from the computer? And after that, how could we blur it so that the computer strategy is not transparent? Winning at Rock Paper Scissors - Numberphile - YouTube

Thats an interesting idea. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the link to the youtube video!

Nice & clean code, I’ll have to give it a little play later. I would of liked to of see some extra added features somewhere maybe, like your own little twist added to game to personalize it. But still good job! keep it up, I hope you’ll give some feedback on my project.

Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m working on adding some additional games to the main file, but adding my own twist to it sounds like a great idea!

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