CS101 Python Terminal Game - Blackjack text-based game. Feedback welcome!

Blackjack text-based game

Hi everyone, I’ve recently completed my first (of many) portfolio projects, followed by two blog posts I whipped up on Medium, I would appreciate any feedback you can give even if it’s just to help with how I’ve done my blog. I went the extra mile with this project, adding extra features and debugging for hours, which made me have a whole new appreciation for game devs! Those guys got it rough.

So I hope you do me the solid of taking a look, you can find my GitHub repo here.

You can also find my project blog here & my quick-start guide blog here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, if I haven’t already given you any feedback on your projects, mention it in this discussion and I will definitely do my part.

I’ve also set up a discussion page on the GitHub repo if you find it more convenient to discuss the project there.

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It’s nice to see how others approach this program, I made a blackjack program and yours looks cleaner. I could have separated my methods more or had more classes to define different aspects. Are you really going to reward someone with £50 if they reach 100k in game? I may have an idea for my next python project :laughing:

If I understand blackjack rules correctly, the dealer isn’t supposed to reveal their card and play their hand until the player stands.

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Absolutely! I thought it would make it fun, and I always stay true to my word. Aww dam is that the rule? I’ll look into that and see what I can do. This was very helpful thank you!

I’ll try and look at yours later if you’ve shared it btw. Send us a link if you haven’t.

Hi there,

I took a couple of runs through your blackjack game. The code is well commented and therefore fairly easy to follow the logic. Your implementation makes sense to me. The only specific feedback I have is to echo the previous comment that the dealer should not show their hand until the player has decided to stand. Well done!

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Thanks for the feedback. We discussed that issue with revealing the dealers hand above earlier, I’ve already got an idea in my head to fix that. So I’ll quickly do that at some point today :+1:t2:
Thanks again!

All bugs, and game rules have been corrected now. The only thing I didn’t include was doubling down, but I’m happy with the end result! Cheers for your feedback.

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