CS Undergraduate, 5 classes left for degree, lost in the sauce

Hi everyone! First post here hehe.

My name is Ja’lah. I’m currently an undergraduate pursuing a Computer Science degree. I have 5 classes left for my bachelors career (2 classes being electives, and 3 pertaining to CS) and I do not feel ready to enter the field. So far my classes have only grazed over C++, Java and Python. I know only those basic languages. I feel that I won’t be ready for the real world once I graduate, and that my degree will be for nothing.

I like to code a lot, mostly problem solving or deep diving when given a subject and task, but when it comes to creating an idea from scratch, I get unmotivated. I’m not sure if Software Development, or Web Development is for me (although I’m still on the fence about it, I’m still doing research on what it is like day-to-day) so I’ve considered getting into Data Analysis and have started that career path in codecademy as well. I’m hoping that this subject is something that I could see myself doing full-time, or else I’m not sure where I will go going forward.

I feel that time is running out for me. The pressure of getting into work in my field of choice is weighing heavy on me. I really want to get an internship or job related to light coding so I can feel out what it’s like, but even after going through 4 years of college, I still don’t feel ready.

Does anyone have any advice on where I should go from here?

4 years of college is often not enough for most people to feel ready (which is normal). The foundational skills you build can serve you well over time. Often degrees don’t give courses on languages, and expect students to study them individually. You say you know only C++, Java, and Python, but actually if you know them well those are 3 very heavy hitters, so don’t be afraid to study them further if you still feel lacking in them.

Time is not running out, but it’s always of the essence! Do be proactive about settings some mid-term goals and charting paths to them. Your first job doesn’t have to be your dream job, maybe one plan could be to get a job with what you’re best at now and you can set a goal for where you want to be in 3 years (and build the necessary skills along the way).

Don’t rule out freelancing either! Be sure to see what kinds of skills you’d need for freelance tech jobs.

In terms of things that pique your interest, have you looked into cybersec?


Also check out The Recurse Center: https://www.recurse.com/

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Thank you! I guess knowing that there are an abundance of routes that I could take, my path to getting into the CS field got a little cloudy. I’ll definitely start off one language at a time and build up my portfolio that way, it seems easier than trying to do everything at once like how my college was making it seem!

Also, I haven’t looked much into cybersec, but I’ll definitely do some research on it to see if I’d be interested. Thanks!